Our Industry Partners

Arise Cannabis is our exclusive cultivation partner resulting in each plant, flower and bud growing to be the best possible version of itself.

Our Arise cultivators tailor growing conditions down to the level of individual plants. Whether you’re interested in relaxation, creativity or enhancing health and wellness, get to know Arise. We’re building a future where your cannabis experience is as individual and exceptional as you.

Become a member of our  Arise Cannabis network of farms and let us help you “Grow Your Own Business”.

Be a part of our network!

Owners of our Pods have exclusive access to Arise Cannabis strains and their respective Growlink settings for optimal growth. Contact us today to find out how to be a part of our Arise Cannabis Network of farms!

Demegrow is dedicated to providing the planet with innovative LED lighting solutions that increase plant growth, vitality and productivity… Naturally!

DemeGrow, Inc. believes that science doesn’t have to affect a plant’s organic properties to provide increased production, health and long term sustainability. Through the use of innovations in light science, DemeGrow is our partner who provides our pods with technologically advanced products that increase our desired plant growth, plant production, reduction of water and better yields for a multitude of horticultural uses.

Growlink is a leading provider of data driven farm automation and networking systems for greenhouse and indoor vertical farming.

Agronomic Pod Systems use Growlink OS to connect all of the technology in our farm. Our team can control nearly every device and system in the farm in ways that are intuitive and easy to use.