Grow Pod

Bring your plants from flower to harvest in their optimal environment.

Our Grow Pod Standard Features

  • 40ft x 8ft x 9ft (approximately 320 sq. ft.) single-use Pods – newly manufactured cargo containers shipped only once.
  • Interior sidewalls, ceiling, and partition walls of each grow room consist of integrated insulation/attachment panels that seal out exterior atmosphere, disease, mold, and pests and seal in your ideal humidity, temperature, and CO2. The panels are comprised of 2-inch thick polystyrene foam insulation sandwiched between skins of 22-gauge steel that are factory coated with solvent and water resistant white Kynar plastic, making for an easily cleaned and sanitized environment.
  • The interior panel units are affixed  to the surfaces of the container via a custom manufactured wall/ceiling mount aluminum extrusion system with an integral T-Slot for convenient attachment of components and user-designated accessories.
  • 200 Amp main circuit panel with 40 spaces for breakers, 4-20 Amp, 110/120 Volt wall circuits with 20 receptacles, 8-20 Amp, 110/120 ceiling mount duplex receptacles to power 12-gauge THNN copper wire to each circuit, 1-inch conduit throughout to allow for future needs without having to run additional conduit.
  • Grow rooms come complete with water inlets with inside cut-offs and two, 30-inch, 90-minute fire rated entry doors with lever locks and closures.


Recommended Complete Pod Solutions

To simplify the process, we have carefully selected key products from trusted vendors to help complete your pods. We understand that you may have a personal preference on which components to use in your pods and we are always willing to accomodate, however we recommend the following:

  • Industrial HVAC System
  • Advanced Dehumidification System
  • LED Lighting
  • Security Cameras
  • Environmental Control System