Extraction Pod

Process your flowers with advanced extraction equipment and space.

Our Extraction Pod Standard Features


Our C1D1 extraction labs are static and spark resistant with high airflow ventilation to mitigate the chance of solvent buildup and explosion in the workplace.

  • 320 sq. ft. (2880 cubic feet) shipping container – 40ft long x 8ft wide x 9ft high
  • C1D1 standards throughout
  • A custom manufactured wall/ceiling mount aluminum extrusion system that affixes the polystyrene insulation panels to the surfaces of the container
  • Walls include integral T-Slot attachment system for convenient attachment of components and user-designated accessories
  • Epoxy, slip resistant floor coating in both classified space and non-classified area
  • Floor to ceiling plenum panels to permit high volume air exchange when extraction in progress


  • 2-12-inch hazardous location tubeaxial vent fans
  • Advanced engineered 18-inch explosion relief door with 0.50 PSI spring setting
  • Emergency sounder horn
  • LED hazardous location beacon
  • 2-Class1 Div1 4ft LED light assemblies
  • Infrared gas detection assembly
  • Oversize rigid conduit run throughout to allow or future needs
  • Explosion proof electrical junction and control boxes
  • Side-wall mounted 36-inch 90-minute fire resistant door with exit device lever lock and closure
  • Multi-hole utility penetration panel to allow for future needs
  • 2-vent fan cupolas with removable air intake filters

Customized Complete Pod Solutions

We will work with you to build an extraction Pod that meets your needs within considerations of your budget and the products you plan to produce.