About Us

Our Team

The owners and operators of our farm and lab in Oregon look forward to working with you to help you “Grow Your Own Business”

Jim Gill

An original Founding Member and Managing Partner of Agronomic Pod Systems & Arise Cannabis. Jim oversees the entire farm business and is actively involved in the continued enhancement of our Pod technology and grow processes. A graduate of The Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Applied Biology, Jim’s career spans more than 35 years with experience including clinical cancer research, pharmaceuticals, Fortune 500 companies, and the cannabis industry as an entrepreneur and innovator.

Mark Branum

Our President of Business Operations and a Managing Partner of Agronomic Pod Systems & Arise Cannabis. Mark oversees all day to day operations of the cultivation process and leads our on-site team.  Mark brings over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience to the team and is a leader of both people and business processes spanning across areas of manufacturing, logistics, distribution, and retail.  Mark has built a talented and passionate team and established an approach to successfully navigate the challenges in this business.

Chris Leturno

Chris is Head of Farm Engineering, Design & Construction and is a Managing Partner of Agronomic Pod Systems & Arise Cannabis. Chris built the farm in Veneta, OR and has been working to continuously improve on our approach to Pod-based cultivation. As an entrepreneur and having over 25 years of commercial, residential and cannabis farm construction experience, Chris has the expertise to lead the growth of our farm footprint.